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How To Play Blackjack

How To Play Blackjack

Blackjack is also widely known as Twenty-One. The blackjack rules are simple, this game is very thrilling, and it has an opportunity for a high

Admiral Casino Games Biz USA

Admiral casino Biz is an online casino gambling game. Admiral casino is a well known and established company which is run by Greentube Alderney Ltd.

About Casotime.com – Casino write for us

Hello writers and readers. The opportunity for a blog casino guest posting is waiting at your door. Thinking about what is guest posting!? Guest posting is a unique way of sharing the post by publishing the informational content on a third-party website. Guest posting is a brilliant opportunity to bring more readers to your site and build a trustful bond with your readers, which might even last for a lifetime. So, guys today we bring you the Casino fiesta. Join this “Casino write for us” trip and start your journey with us now.

Our website

The Casino blog guest posting website that we own is actually a crackerjack opportunity to kick start your blogging journey. The website is structured in a very safe and secure manner. And do you know what’s the cherry on the cake? We enjoy a massive and credible following! Once you post on our website, just get ready to count the number of views that you will be getting on your website.

Perks you can expect?

  • “Do not miss out” opportunity to present your passion for writing.
  • Come to the notice of the world’s most renowned Casinos.
  • Great writing bonds with other writers all over the world.
  • Get a link back and increase the readership base. 
  • Get the desired credit for Casino blogs.
  • Satisfaction to spread the right knowledge among the Casino crowd

Casino write for us rule list

We understand your passion for Casino, but just writing a casino blog won’t be enough. You have to make sure that the online casino blog ticks all the parameters mentioned below

  • SEO affectionate: Do you know that out of dozens of articles, only a few make it to the list of top-ranking posts. If you are also putting in the same amount of hard work, then it’s quite obvious for you to expect your post to be the best one. Guyz here is the catch. Always remember that you are writing the article for the readers, so don’t forget to put in the important keywords that people actually search in the search engine platforms. Before submitting do verify if your guest post is SEO accustomed or not.
  • Pitch perfect Grammar: Do you know readers hate ti when they stupid grammatical errors, it just spoils the entire reading flow. I’m sure that would never be your intent. So, ensure that your Casino guest post is tick marking all the checkboxes of spelling, phrases, sentence formation, figures, and facts. So, it becomes quite imperative to go through a grammar check-up for your write-up. 
  • Zero plagiarism: Yes, you saw it right. The spinning of words, copy-paste is a sure shot NO. You are the owner of your content, so it should directly come out from your brainy box. Our company believes in the fresh essence of the words and ideas. Make sure that your post has that unique touch of yours that no other article has in the market. 

(Hint: Employ the online plag software to see if your article stands out on the test of uniqueness.)

  • Peculiar niche: You think that you have acquired certain expertise over the niche listed in this post, then do give it a try!
  • Extraordinary vocabulary: A great sense of vocab can get your reader fully absorbed into the article. That’s the power of the brilliant use of words.
  • Readability: Is it not pretty obvious that your readers will belong to various ranges, from novice, intermediate to pro? It is heavily possible that the reader who is going through your Casino article might be a complete novice and just starting to explore Casino and the proportion of such novices is quite big. So, surely you would not want to miss out on them. Avoid the overuse of Casino tech words. Keep the tone of a casino blog generic!
  • Subheadings are essential: Headings and subtitles are like a road map for the one who is reading the article as it helps the reader to know how the article is proceeding and the content is configured. Pick some really catchy headings which resonate with the public in one go.
  • Prescribed Word count: Your guest post should be more than1000 words, one of the strict conditions.
  • Add links: Do not forget to summate all the links of official and authentic website links which you used for designing your post. The maximum quantity of links that can be added is 3-4 links. Include it at the bottom of the article.
  • About the writer: If you wish to tell something about yourself to the readers, you may grab a personal picture and put out your writer’s photo to tell the audience who you are. And do not miss out on a sweet and simple biodata.
  • Supplementary elements: Pictures and images always act as a cherry on the cake. Do some extra research from your side and find some really good pics for your article which comprehend well with your post. You don’t have to give it a second thought at all as pics will definitely assist in making your post even more attractive to the public.
  • Approval time: The top-ranking Casino writers shortlisted depending on their blog content receive an official notification through e-mail in 1-2 business days.
  • Outline of the write-up: Outline your Casino blog guest post in such a manner that it gives a clear picture about it.
  • Revision: The second the write-up is posted on the Casino’s website after the entire procedure, none of the revisions will be taken into consideration. If there is any recommendation from your side which is highly crucial, then we might consider correcting it by our side.
  • Commitment with the rules: Your Casino guest post needs to tick all the guidelines presented here and should not be carrying any sort of CBD or promotional -content.

Disclaimer: Please note that the company has the full right to reject your online casino blog if it fails to meet the desired set of expectations as mentioned above. 

Casino topics we are seeking for:

There are millions of Casino people, from novice to maestros, waiting for some truthful insights into the world of Casino. Well, here goes the top 5 trending Casino niches for which we are inviting illuminating and trustful articles, full of Casino craze. Take a look at the list provided here, sit back and take your laptop, and get started. So, are you ready to begin the Casino celebration!

  • online casino games
  • Casino and gambling news 
  • sports betting
  • Bingo
  • Poker 
  • New gambling industry tech
  • Gambling strategy 
  • Gambling tips and advice

You must be knowing the Casino rage that is currently going around the people. It’s like a new upcoming gaming area where people want to try their hands. But the problem is that they are clueless about how Casino stuff works. This is where you come into the scene and bridge the gap between players and Casinos by delivering the right knowledge. So, if you think that you have a good command and you are a true Casino king when it comes to betting, bingo, casino games, gambling industries, and any other aspect of Casino, then you should not delay in writing up an online casino blog. 

How to submit a Casino guest post?

So, now that you are done with your online casino blog, you may send it to the “casino write for us” platform via fhh@gmail. Make sure that you specify the subject “Guest post” and prepare a short biodata type of description so that we can understand you a little better. Now send the file in word format. Also just sending out your blog casino guest post doesn’t ensure that it will get posted. Once the quality team gives the nod, your casino blog guest post will be published.

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