How To Play Blackjack

Blackjack is also widely known as Twenty-One. The blackjack rules are simple, this game is very thrilling, and it has an opportunity for a high blackjack strategy. An expert player who knows how to count cards in blackjack can play a perfect game and it’s a win-win situation for him.

No worries even if you are a casual player who plays a fairly good game, the odds in the casino are less. These days the one card game that can be seen in every American Casino is Blackjack. Being a popular home game, blackjack rules are slightly different. In the casino variant, the dealer is the house. In casino play, the dealer will stand whereas the players will be seated. The in-charge runs all the aspects of the game, starting from the shuffling of cards to handling all the bets. On the other hand, In the home game, each player will get the opportunity of being the changing bank Or the dealer (a “changing bank”).


There are some critical terminologies that you gotta understand before playing Blackjack:


The standard pack of 52-cards is used. The dealer will use a blank plastic card, which can never be dealt with, and it will be placed in the bottom of the deck which will help in indicating when is the time to reshuffle the cards. if four or more decks are being used, they will be dealt from a shoe. 


Each player will try to beat the dealer which can be done by getting a count as close to 21 and it should not exceed 21.


It totally depends upon each individual player whether an ace is worth 1 or it is worth 11. Other 10 Face cards will have their pip value.


Before you begin the deal, each player will place a bet, the bet will be placed in chips. The Minimum and maximum limits will be established on the betting.


The dealer will thoroughly shuffle the portions of the pack and will make sure that all the cards are combined and mixed properly. The dealer will appoint one player to cut, and then the plastic insert card will be placed in such a manner that the last 60 to 75 cards will not be in use.


After all the players place their respective bets, the dealer will give one card face up in a rotation clockwise manner to each player, and then one card face up for themselves. Now, another round of cards is dealt with a face up to each participant, but the dealer will take the second card face down. So by this method, each player excluding the dealer will get two cards face up, and the dealer will receive one card face down and another card face up. 


If the first two cards of a player are ace and “ten-card”, which will give a count of 21 then, this is a “blackjack.” Also called as natural. If a player has a blackjack and the dealer doesn’t, the dealer will have to immediately pay that player one and a half times of his bet amount, and if the dealer comes up with a natural, he will immediately collect all the bets of the players which don’t have naturals, if both of them have naturals, then it is a tie and then the player will take back all his chips. 


Here goes the Blackjack strategy, which will assist you in understanding the fundamental gameplay. Master the Blackjack strategy and increase the probability of your wins. And obviously, you can’t ignore the luck factor.


The left player will go first and decide if he wants to ask for another card or not in order to get closer to 21.  If the player loses and the dealer has collected the bet wagered, Then the dealer will turn to the next player on the left and restarts the process.


Once the dealer is done serving all the participants, the dealer’s face-down card will be turned up. If the total is more than or equal to 17 then, it should stand. And in the other case, they will have to take a card. The dealer will continue taking cards until there is a total of 17 or more than that, where the dealer has to stand.

When there is a turn of a player, they can either say “Hit” or can signal for a card just by scratching the table with one or two fingers pointing towards themselves, or they can also wave their hand in the same direction that will convey to someone “Come here.” If the player has decided to stand, they can either say “Stand” or can also say “No more,” or they can also signal this statement by moving their hand sideways, with their palm down and right above the table. These are the dealer’s basic strategy: blackjack. 


If the first two cards of a player are having the same denomination, for example, two sixes or two jacks, then they can choose to use them as two separate hands at their turn. Then the original bet amount will go on one of those cards, and an equal amount will be placed as a bet on the second card. The player will have to first play the hand to his left by either standing or hitting once or more than once; and only after this, the hand to the right will be played. This is how the two hands are treated separately, and the dealer will settle with either of them on their own merits. If a player has a pair of aces, then he is given one card for each ace and he cannot draw again. Also, if a ten-card is dealt with an ace, the payoff will be equal to the bet. 


Another option that is given to the participant is to double their bet when the two original cards dealt are totaling to 9, 10, or 11. When the turn of the player comes, they will place a bet which will be equal to the amount of the original bet, and the dealer will give the player only one card, which should be placed face down and is not turned up till the bets are settled. If the player has two fives, the player can either split a pair, double down, or can just play the hand normally. Here, the dealer will not have the option of both splitting or doubling down.


Once you are done with settling each player’s bet, the dealer will gather that participant’s cards and then place them face up with a transparent plastic shield in L-shape. The dealer will continue to deal with the shoe till he comes to the plastic card which will indicate that it’s time for reshuffling. Once this round is finished, the dealer will shuffle all the cards, and prepare them for the cut, then he will place the cards in the shoe, and after that, the game will be continued.


The tactics to win in Blackjack require that the player will play each hand in an optimum way, and this kind of blackjack strategy takes the leader’s up card into account. If the dealer’s up card came out to be a good card, that is, a 7, 8, 9, 10-card, or ace then, the player will continue drawing cards until a total of 17 or more than that is achieved. If the dealer’s up card came out to be a 4, 5, or 6, the player will have to stop drawing cards when he attains a total of equal to or more than 12. The Blackjack strategy used here is to never take a card if you are feeling that you may go bust. 

A general blackjack strategy is that you should continue hitting until you get a total of a minimum of 18.


Once you have made a bet, you can’t take it back so you just have to follow the basic strategy of blackjack, and hence the chance to win the game will surely increase. Before you begin your game, make sure to carry your luck factor and your Casino mind!

How To Play Blackjack

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